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The Intertwined Story Of The Future And The Past, Konstfack, 2022

This project aims to create conditions for new connections with the Community center in Hägerstensåsen, by letting people take part in the activity of making. Focusing to develop a better communal understanding of the craft processes and the importance of sustainability. Believing that the sense of ownership can bring new ways of binding with the objects that surround us.

In this project, I seek interaction between the opposites, the old and the new, the inside and the outside, the light and the shadows, and the user and the house. By choosing the window as an element to work around, my purpose is to impact both the interior and exterior of the house. Through exploring the weaving and netting techniques, I aim to create a cozy atmosphere around the window by reusing old garments. 

With a free organization as a keyword, I designed the infrastructure that allows people to express themselves, build new collective memories, and make decisions. The proposal consists of 25 panels sliding on two parallel rails, that allow various formations and control over light and shadows. The base of the panels makes a combination of a wooden frame and a woven net. It is imagined that people will fill the net with textile threads cut from their old clothes through ought years, creating memories, friends, learning, and leaving traces for future generations to enjoy.  

The intertwined story of the future and the past is inspired by the concept of the PALIMPSEST which “is a manuscript written on parchment that has another text written over it, leaving two (or more) layers of visible writing.” (Chun Nei Poon 2008, p. 244). 

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