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Pixel Library, competition project Irena Milovic & Isidora Stojanovic, 2021

The task of the competition was to propose a pavilion for the promotion of the reading culture. In the very start, Isidora and I had two different concepts, that we later joined together into the 'Pixel library'. While I had the idea of making simple modular elements with multiple potentials of modularity and usage, Isidora came up with the idea of using letters as a shape that could be in direct association with the theme. We didn’t want the installation to be invasive to the environment but rather correspond with it as much as possible. Discreetly, it should invite visitors to explore its purpose and possibilities.

The combined concept of letters and boxes gave rise to the idea of breaking Latin and Cyrillic letters into pixels. The main purpose of this pavilion is to store books and provide a reading area. In addition, the intention is to draw attention to the overuse of plastic products by making elements from recycled plastic.

The pavilion structure consists of frames and vertical slabs made out of plywood. The dry grooving of the elements made it possible for the pavilion to be easily assembled and disassembled, while the (yellow) plastic cubes have a dual purpose. They can be placed on the shelves as a support for storing books, or as mobile seating. This gives visitors the freedom to decide for themselves about the position of the boxes within the pavilion. 

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