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SuncOkret, Konstfack, 2023



This project is a journey through the transformation of an existing office building into a residential one, where light becomes the guiding force, directing how we inhabit space. The solid walls and geographical position of the building led me to turn my attention toward the sky and the roof, searching for a solution that would allow natural light to enter each apartment.

Working with the idea of preserving as much as possible of what is already there, my plan is to play with the facade which doesn’t hide signs of its past life already. Since the new division resulted in a few extra walls, several windows, and doors cannot keep their current positions. Therefore, for every removed opening, the hole will be filled with the reused brick from the site adding to the already existing patchwork. This idea can be built upon, by adding three dimensionalities to the façade, creating places for socializing and planting.

To drag the section line of the tilted units to the exterior, I merge functionality with the esthetics, by graphically drawing this line with the rainwater pipes.



In the second phase, I immerse myself in the interior of the newly designed units, each one uniquely angled towards the Sun. This opening creates a new orientation for the project, where the movement of light becomes the choreographer, directing the flow of space and challenging our preconceptions of what a home should look like.

In this project, I aim to work with cubic meters instead of the usual square meters in order to challenge the meaning of a healthy home environment. I examine two basic space-defining elements in the presented models – horizontal and vertical surfaces. The process starts by exploring the space through levels seeking a more open environment (model 1), continues by adding vertical surfaces to break the space in the opposite direction to achieve more privacy (model 2), and ends up interlinking the previously mentioned two into volumes (model 3).

Drawing inspiration from Sara Ahmed's Queer Phenomenology, I investigate how our relationship with objects and spaces can become queer, unconventional, resistant, and transformative. Exploring our orientation toward our basic needs led me to understand the urge for constant transformations and unique ways of inhabitation. Therefore, I aim to continue my exploration toward a solution that allows periodical changes and the personalization of spaces.