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Culture Centre, group project Irena Milovic, Isidora Stojanovic & Ivana Dunjic,
Faculty of Applied Arts Belgrade, 2020-2021

This project presents a new program and design concept for the Center of the local community, based on the space of the old building “Stari Merkator” within the former regional center in block 11c, New Belgrade. The setting of the concept lies in exploring all the characteristics of the site and the needs of its population. In other words, a lack of interaction between citizens was observed, as well as a lack of space that would encourage the creative spirit and development of the local community.


The modern concept solves the problem of the gathering space, enables the involvement of citizens in certain activities, and motivates them to be in the position of actors and organizers of social and cultural content while creating a united community. The solution is based on the acceptance of diversity, which means, the application of inclusive design and encouraging the interaction of all categories of residents. The new concept unites and depicts the identity of the community and the quality of their lives, and is the basis for creating a positive collective memory.

While developing this project, I took the role of a group leader. Although we did not save many sketches, we shared ideas through conversation and mood boards but mainly conveyed ideas directly in technical drawings. Some of my ideas were circular shapes and I especially enjoyed organizing space graphically in the floor plans. The part that I did alone are 3D models and renderings. (3DsMax + Corona)


In September 2021 we took part in the SmartArt exhibition in Belgrade for which we made a model and a poster.

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