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Sitka Chair, competition project 2021

In March 2021 I took part in a competition in Japan. There was only one request - to design a wooden chair. Since the assignment was broad, my mood board led me to the concept of coincidence with inspiration from Henri Matisse’s ‘’The Cut-Outs’’. The design approach I found most adequate was working with paper models. Paper in this process was both material and tool that enabled me to express myself in a very easy and fast way while allowing coincidence to have a large role in the process.

The main element of the construction is inspired by the symbiosis of the head and horns of the same named deer. SITKA chair has three legs and all the elements support each other. Most parts of the chair would be made out of solid wood, while the seat and the version of the backrest could be made out of molded plywood. This platform leaves space for more updates regarding the backrest materiality and shape. For now, I am showing two variants, artistically closed and completely transparent.

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