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Shelf System, Faculty of Applied Arts Belgrade, 2020

In my work, I tend to find inspiration in timeless modern classics. This time I designed a shelf with multiple options of modularity, by studying the 'String shelf' and 'Nuage Bookcase'. During the process of designing I came up with a shape that resembles a house, so I intended it for kids. I made a shelf system that is fun, has multiple options for storing clothes and books, but is also providing a place for play while saving a lot of space in the room.

The whole system is supported by the side girders which consist of two elements. The lower part consists of joined rods made out of solid wood and the other one, whose height varies, is made out of powder-coated steel. In addition to different types of shelves and colors, this system allows adding numerous features, for e.g. rods, rolls of paper, pillows for seating, curtains for improvised tents, etc...

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