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Private Apartment 45m2, 2022

The client was a young couple from Belgrade, that bought an apartment in a newly built building. The budget was low and my main task was to solve the space problem. With slight changes, I have managed to create a spacious feeling in such a small flat, with a larger kitchen and living room than originally planned. Most of the furniture was picked by the clients who followed my strict dimension requirements. They are freshly moved in, with some details yet to fix, but I got happy clients!

Pharmacy 70m2, Vrsac, 2020

During my Internship in the Belgrade-based Interior Design office among 3D visualizations I got a chance to work individually on a Pharmacy project in the city of Vrsac, Serbia. Work involved site visits, site measures, conversations with the customer, and complete technical documentation (floor plans, sections, furniture design, and detailed production drawings), 3D modeling, and renderings in 3Ds Max with the Corona extension.

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